$5 Commissions


So due to recent events, my phone was stolen out of my bag at school. Now I must buy a new one in order to get into contact with people. So I’m selling commissions Here are some examples of what I can do:


How much: $5 ($1.00 extra for each added character)

What I will draw:

  •  With the exception of the first example batch, I will draw more than one character with only an added $1.00 per added head. 
  • Your OCs (provided you provide me with a reference picture)
  • Yourself (You must provide me a reference picture)
  • Characters from all fandoms (If I do not know who the character is, I will ask for a picture)
  • Bloodied and bruised characters (Nothing too graphic though)
  • Slash couples being cute and fluffy (can be guy/guy, girl/girl, guy/girl etc)

What I will not draw:

  • NSFW (includes porn, and really really graphic scenes. I’ll tell you if something is too graphic)
  • Mecha ( I can try, but odds are it won’t turn out nice)

Commission Info:

So, if you would like to take me up on this offer, you must first message me on my tumblr or email (which will be given at the bottom of this post) with a description of what style you want, what you want, and any reference pictures if needed. If you are sending me an email, please title it “Commissions”.Basically fill out this form:

  • Character(s):
  • What colour gradient would you like and what pattern/shape do you want for the background. 
  • What colour background do you want 
I can only accept payment via paypal. So if you would kindly send your payment to my email Marisahatcher@gmail.com that would be wonderful.
Thank you for taking the time out of you day to look at this, and I hope to be drawing for some of you. And if you would kindly pass this post around so everyone can see it as well. 
Email: Marisahatcher@gmail.com
Paypal: Marisahatcher@gmail.com